06/07/13 15:00:17

Dispatch - Act on Emails Quickly

I’ve been reading about Dispatch on gridwriter’s blog. The app is made by the developers of Due (iOS, Mac and a friend of his, Hon Cheng, who have collaborated to form Clean Shaven Apps.

Dispatch is a first-glimpse action-based email client, like Triage, but it does a much better job. It has its own snippet system built in, but Clean Shaven promises to look into TextExpander next. Where Dispatch differentiates, is that it delivers a much more complete “act on emails quickly experience”.

Swipe across a mail and you get a couple of options. Similar apps only allow archive, maybe delete, but certainly not “this is junk”. Dispatch does all three. More clutter clearly, but also makes me feel much more relieved about emails.1

Second is it’s integration with third-party apps. Those “Triaging” actions include:

The long swipe (Quick Action) known from other apps can be customized to archive, spam, delete.

Dispatch is currently lacking, as said, TextExpander support. If they implement TextExpander, then please let it be TextExpander 2. There’s also no unified inbox. I complained via mail and they are working on it. An iPad version would be nice too, since I do most “email work” in the office on my iPad.

I really like Dispatch much better than Triage and feel like my $2.99 (50% off introduction price), are well invested.2

  1. I personally don’t use an archive. So I’m glad for an app that allows me to delete, rather than archive. 

  2. Yes, this article is shamelessly clustered with affiliate links.