09/19/14 19:00:12

Feeling Stressed?

What is causing you the most stress, in your life, at this moment? If your initial reaction is some sort of external factor, think again. What is stressing you, the most, at this moment in time?

I know how I feel when I feel stressed out. There’s that appointment at the doctor I need to head to, and maybe I’m running late. So shower, better hurry. No, it’s not so important to do the whole washing thing. Just soap and a little bit of shampoo, just so that I look passable. I don’t have to look splendid for a doctor’s appointment.

And so I was standing in my apartment, again, and I looked out the window. I didn’t have an appointment, but I still felt rushed. I told myself to hurry, be quick, whatever, just get my ass out of this stupid flat, so that I can go to customs to pick up the thing I bought on eBay, so that I can get to the office, so that I can sit and open my computer and get stuff done, because there’s that deadline, and I have to push and push. “Oh man, I am so stressed”, I thought to myself.

"What was I stressed out about again? Oh yeah, the thing, and the other thing, and…"
“You know what? I have to do fucking nothing! I can just stand here, the entire day, and look out the window if I feel like it. The only person that makes me feel so stressed out am I.

When was the last time you thought to yourself your stressed out too? Was it your job? That stupid boss that wants his/her TPS reports? Do they really stress you out? Think about. Think again. Are they the ones who stress you, or are you stressing yourself to do whatever you think has to be done in a certain way, or time? Most likely the answer it’s you. Of course your boss doesn’t want to cause you stress. They just want you to do a certain thing. They want you to your stupid job. Nothing else. What is causing the stress in you is yourself, because you do what you think needs to be done, are you supposed to do, or something along those lines.

I am aware that this is not the whole truth. This, right here, is called internal stress. Stress that we put on ourselves, by ourselves. There is external stress too. I don’t want to argue about that in this writing. All I wanted to say is, what is actually causing you the stress? Is it really some external factor, or is it you?