09/16/14 19:00:14

Time Sink Retina Menubar Icon

One of the longest in-use apps on my Mac is, you wouldn’t have guessed it, Many Tricks’ Time Sink. Time Sink records how much time every app and document has been running, and/or in the foreground, to a document and is able to create a new CSV file every day.

This app hasn’t been updated with fancy retina graphics for the menubar yet, and I suppose it’ll take some more time until it will. Since it’s the only app, though, without a retina icon, it sticks our like a sore thumb. That’s why I quickly created two graphics. Mind you, this is nowhere near complete. I left out the Hybernate variant, and I also left out all the other icons. The one I use is the simple icon.

Add these two graphics to Time Sink’s Resources folder:

Restart the app and enjoy!