05/22/14 19:00:17

Chicks and Dicks

Disclaimer: This article contains profanity! Read at your own risk.

What happened in the last ten years? I honestly don’t know. Somewhere, along the path from puberty to adulthood, some souls got lost, opinions got formed, and stereotypes were built. People built walls around themselves, because… I don’t know. Maybe because everybody’s a dick?

If that’s the case, then I’m really sorry. If this is your reality, where all a guy wants is to fuck women, excuse me, girls, then this is a fucking shitty reality.

I was at a party recently. It was nice. Not my usual clientele, but still nice. I got to talk with new people. But as soon as I started talking with women there, they, for some odd reason, seemed to assume that the only reason I started talking with them, is that I want to fuck them. I have no idea why. I go to a lot of other events and don’t have that problem elsewhere.

This behavior is so wrong on so many levels, I can’t write this in passive voice:

What kind of world did we grow into?