05/13/14 19:00:26

Drafts on Mac: Add OmniFocus Task

I just wrote a small Keyboard Maestro macro. Essentially I am thinking of ways to bring some of the iOS Launch Center Pro goodness to my desktop. Jealous as I am, I want something like Launch Center Pro on my Mac. In this particular case I wanted something that allows me to get some sort of text into OmniFocus as task, because sometimes I just write something down in a text editor, as it’s the case on iOS, and later I realize this is actually a task, and the text I wrote is giving me a hint on how to complete this task. So I insert a task name at the beginning and launch a URL in Drafts that takes the first line and yadda yadda. You know the drill.

Keyboard Maestro now does this too. My macro also actually uses the OmniFocus URL scheme on the Mac to do its thing, so it’s as close to the iOS original as possible.

The macro uses the first line as task name, everything else will become the note. If you want to improve this even further, like put in particular project and/or context, feel free to share your changes with me!