11/09/13 19:30:18

OS X Tip: Custom Folder Sorting

OS X Mavericks added some features to “labels”. Previously files and folders were only able to have a color label, now these labels can also have tags. Color labels are now essentially tags with a certain name which also can have a color.

Tags are great, and if you haven’t converted from OpenMeta yet, please do so.

Mavericks also adds the ability to Sort by Tags from every window. This means we can (ab)use this feature to get custom sorting for files.
I have a folder called Watch Later, especially useful when traveling. Let’s be honest, when you go on a travel, you put every single possible movie you may want to watch on your disk so that you can watch everything offline, because when will you have a decent enough connection to watch, right?

The key here is: what priority do you give to watching movies?

Set up some tags 1, 2, and 3, then choose Tags from the Arrange By menu.