09/12/13 20:00:36

Good Posture

I mentioned that I want to delight my readership with some of the results of my studies on health. This is my first video contributing to this topic. It is about good and bad posture. A problem a lot of people working with computers are facing.

My main point from this video is: just telling yourself to “sit straight” doesn’t necessarily result in a good posture! If you have muscular imbalances strong muscle groups will contract more than weak ones. This essentially results in an over-exaggerated natural posture, which may or may not be a “good” posture.

The trick is to watch yourself from the outside and spot these imbalances. I would recommend to get a professional, a doctor, a physiotherapist, a masseur. These people will almost instantly see where you need to invest your energy in.

I’m not a believer that just buying an ergonomic keyboard or an ergonomic stool helps to reduce pain. It is the core of the problem that also needs some form of investment. If that investment comes in the form of massaging, sport, meditation, etc. is up to you.

Link mentioned in the video: Neutral spine