07/26/13 14:01:00

Released: Markdown for Keyboard Maestro 2

I’m proud to introduce the new version of Markdown for Keyboard Maestro. A Macro Library that helps you write Markdown.

Thanks to @nuclearzenfire for beta testing!

Main improvement areas for version 2 were:

Checkout all new features here.

My favorite changes:

The Wiki contains full documentation. Please note that you have to install the Wrap Text Plugin separately.

As for the name, I decided that I want this to be referred to as “Markdown for Keyboard Maestro”. It sounds appropriate, simple, minimal. Please use “#km-markdown” or “#kmmarkdown” on social networks.

Links are now created using a sub-group and a palette. The shortcut is ⌃⌥l to bring up the palette. Here you have 1, 2, and 3 as options for links. Why not more of this? I don’t like this kind of macro execution. A shortcut ⌃E followed by ⌃K to do something just doesn’t feel modern to me. I don’t like Emacs. We’re done with that.

In any case. Download the new version and enjoy the enhanced writing experience!

EDIT: I just updated to MultiMarkdown 4.2 and saw that it adds support for superscript (^) and subscript (~). So a super-late addition are two macros for these.

  1. Note that replacing text is optional. Simply enable the “Keystroke ⌘V” action.