03/20/11 19:01:07

Tools I use for screencasting: ScreenFloat

ScreenFloat is an app that allows you to take screenshots that then float above all other windows. You can also pick from previous screenshots, which makes this tool quite handy for many use scenarios.
At first glance, reading the description I thought “who could find this helpful?”. Well, it is helpful indeed. Let me explain how…

Currently I’m editing recordings of a German programmer’s conference named Macoun. There were 8 sessions split across two rooms. Every session is one Final Cut project. All of them should have the same sequence and size settings.
I took two screenshots, using ScreenFloat, of a "master sequence" and size settings window and now it’s very easy to compare my current sequence’s settings to the master one.
That’s hella practical!

It is one of the tools that I don’t need all the time, but there are those moment where I say “I need to compare this to that” and it’s annoying to switch from Preview to my current app continually. Even more annoying is window resizing, adjusting, etc. In these cases: ScreenFloat to the rescue. I can also see it being useful for programming. A poor man’s diff tool.
Seriously try it! Available on the Mac App Store.