10/05/12 19:04:00

OS X Homescreen 2012-10-05

Someone asked for my first Launchpad screen as well. Not a bad idea. Here you go:

(Here’s the original screen shot)

First row is communication and acquisition, and contacts.
Then “organizing” apps like Calendar and Reminders.
Then all my work apps. I use Final Cut and Motion most of the day.
ScreenFlow, Logic, Soundtrack Pro, 7toX and several other editing apps are in Pro.
Pro Utilities are MediaInfo, Invisor, or Markers.
For most of my graphic editing I tend to use Acorn. I make most of my icons in Sketch. Sip and ImageOptim are useful tools too.
Writing apps like Byword, MultiMarkdown Composer, Marked and MarsEdit to write stuff like this post.
Editing code with TextMate or Vim.
I wanted to keep the Omni apps together. You know, for looks. The new icons are neat.
OmniFocus and MindNode is where I organize my brain.
iWork, OpenOffice.org, Billings, MindNode lite (I keep it around to annoy IdeasOnCanvas about it), I wish there was a Finanzblick app for OS X.
Soulver, Evernote (I think I have 10 documents now in Evernote. lol) , Skitch.

EDIT: (Get Launchpad Manger (free version works fine) to organize your Launchpad or you get crazy.)