10/27/11 10:00:05

Back to iCal

As you might have guessed from my previous posts I’m back to using iCal. The built-in calendar provided by Apple (since I upgraded to Lion). I’ve been using BusyCal ever since I reviewed it on Mac OS X Screencasts. It’s a really really really really great product, but since Lion it felt kind of wrong. I like iCal’s new look, despite “everybody” else hating it, but that’s just taste.

Actually I still don’t prefer iCal, but I’m still using it, because it’s the most “Apple-ish” calendar I can get on OS X (Week Calendar for OS X, pleeeeease!). My biggest complaint actually is the not-visible-at-all-times calendar list. That’s a huge disadvantage. I work with a lot of calendars. Everyone has its own color. So looking at the calendar list, makes it easy to distinguish work, free time, time with The Woman™, and so on.
I’m working around this issue by having a special shortcut assigned to “Show Calendar List” and “Hide Calendar List” (which is ⌃C in my case). When I press ⌃C, I can instantly see a calendar list.
Awkward, but usable.

So, yeah, I’m back on iCal. Feels good.

Yeah, feels good.