10/24/11 16:44:47

Release: MindNode touch 2.0

I’ve been working on a screencast for MindNode touch 2 the last couple of (months)1 weeks.

MindNode touch is the app I’m using to plan new projects and structure my thoughts. I’m always surprised by how long I’m actually using this app already. Markus sent me the first beta of MindNode back in 2008/2009? I think it was 0.6 beta. I’m a big fan ever since. The app does all I need, while leaving out all features other apps smack ruthlessly in your face (looking at you, iThoughts).

For me MindNode has always been the most elegant, simple and minimal mind mapping app. Before MindNode I used FreeMind. MindNode was such a relief!

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  1. Two months actually.