01/22/15 23:26:00

Audio Hijack 3 Tutorial

I posted my Audio Hijack 3 workflow and tips yesterday, but I also recorded my first personal, just for my private amusement, screencast in about 2 years. Of course I’ve been posting screencasts here and there all the time, but since I decided to make videos my main business, screencasting was never the same for me.

You cannot imagine what a huge step this is for me. Let me explain. See, my clients expect high quality videos from me. That is absolutely understandable, and I made quality one of zCasting’s core values to aim for.

The problem is: I just love to share my knowledge with other people. I love screencasting so much that I would love to record and put out more of them, but since videos are my business, I have high standards for them. Not only do I have high standards for my business, but I also think that every video that I put out there, has to be of an equally high standard. What that means is that I don’t post videos. Every little video would become a dreadful week-long project. I need to design neat lower-thirds, a cool intro, find some nice music, …

Of course I know, to attract a lot of subscribers, you need all of that. But it also hinders my ability and desire to share knowledge.

Yesterday when I sat down to think about content marketing ideas for zCasting 3000. I realized this was the issue that keeps me from putting out more videos.

So I threw all of my ego away. I decided to go back to the roots. I put a “least amount of editing” rule on myself. “Good enough”, I told myself, “I just needs to be good enough, it doesn’t need to be great.” No script, no storyboard, no nothing. Normally I take a lot of care that you don’t see any mouse jumps in my screencasts. Good enough, I said, and made the cut. The mouse jumps sometimes now. The overlays are not beautiful. I don’t think the content is good even. But it’s finished and it’s uploaded and it’s published. I published today in the morning, an kept it online the entire day. It’s about midnight now, and it’s still online.1

I’m not sure if that means I’ll put out more screencasts now, just like I did in the past, but it’s a start. I’d like to go a similar route with zCasting’s content marketing strategy. Think: “Let’s Play”-style tutorials.

If you read this far, I’d greatly appreciate a comment.

  1. I realized that, now that I know “the bigger picture”, I can play with other things, that I used to play with. Not is the storyboard really the most important thing, nor are any animations. I know stuff like “YouTube takes ProRes” files, and I know that “YouTube takes any size of video”. Really? So, when I upload an 8-minute, 12GB ProRes 422 HQ screencasts, does that count? That’s so much more fun. :D