09/17/14 19:00:29

Condense: Recognize Text on Images on OS X

Condense is a nice little app that’s been coming up in the App Store top charts recently. The app’s purpose is really simple, take a screenshot, recognize text with OCR, let the user adjust and correct where necessary, “export”.

The OCR is relatively good. Reading the reviews on the App Store reveals that this app used to have a bad experience, but the 1.5 update has improved things so dramatically that it’s now listed in the top apps. Looking at the update history, this update took a year to come out and the app jumped from 1.3 directly to 1.5.

If I had to complain about one thing, then the use of orange as interface color… Otherwise I haven’t tested this with handwritten screenshots, but I’m going to assume the OCR doesn’t work as well as with computer text. And I would love to be able to open image files with the app to get it OCR’d.

Condense. Really cool!