09/09/14 19:00:21

I’m very pleased to announce the release of Where To? 7.

As I mentioned on Twitter and various other platforms, I’ve been working on an App Preview for one of the longest installed apps on my iPhone. Where To? is a brand new app that finds you the best restaurants, supermarkets, and other places around you. I use it whenever I’m out of the city, somewhere I’m not that often, like Vienna. When I’m at home the app is also pretty useful to find nice restaurants. In some areas it also helps to find opening hours. The restaurant recommendations are really good. I know some other recommendation apps where the food is OK-ish, but Where To? always leads me to the places that I would give 4 to 5 stars.

The new version also integrates with your car and the Pebble watch. For the App Preview we had to record some Pebble footage was well. I hope you are pleased with the work I did and the app, of course.

Go check it out at FutureTap or in the App Store.