08/28/14 19:00:17

LaunchBar Tip: Use LaunchBar Text Transformation to Name Variables More Easily

One of the nicest things in LaunchBar is InstantSend, undeniably. It’s the function I use most in it. But I don’t want to ramble about that kind of stuff. One of the nicer Actions are those built to transform. The names speak for themselves. There are Actions to make text dromedaryCase, CamelCase, snake-case, and Train-Case. Really handy for naming variables in a script quickly, but how?

I personally am not that great at writing variable names so easily. Writing thisVariableValue just doesn’t flow as well as this variable value. With InstantSent you can type a variable, send to LaunchBar, type dromed and press ↩, and ⇧⌘C to paste in frontmost app. Result: thisVariableValue.