08/25/14 19:00:20

Final Cut Pro X: Optimize for Dual/Single Displays

As an editor I often have two work in multiple environments. Sometimes I’m at home, most of the time I’m in the office, but sometimes I’m at a clients’ site. Depending on this “environment”, I may or may not have an external monitor attached when working in Final Cut Pro X. Normally I choose to “Show Viewers on Second Display”. This saves screen estate on the main window, and shows the things a client wants to see on the external display.
Normally when I’m done with my work, I just detach the external monitor and leave. This usually puts the Viewer window somewhere on the main monitor on top of the other stuff inside FCPX. I would have to manually select “Revert to Original Layout” in that case.

I was annoyed manually doing this and thought I could do better with Keyboard Maestro.

This macro does the following:

Included in my repo.