08/29/11 21:24:26

Best Smart Folders Tips

I’m currently thinking of ways to make use of OS X features like Smart Folders. The problem I have: I have absolutely no idea how this feature can help me. I never ever thought “Oh, yeah, that’s something I need a lot. Let’s make it a Smart Folder!” I never do that. And all the examples I see online “search for files you have opened in the last 1 week”. How is that helpful? At all? A long list of files I had opened in the last week … for 3 or 10 clients. How?

So I started to look around the Interwebs and found three (in numbers: 3) interesting articles on this topic.

How do you use Smart Folders? I try to come up with a concept of “show me all projects that are currently pending” by utilizing Labels. (Also “projects I need to backup”, with Labels)