08/24/11 21:32:05

Amadeus Pro/Lite 2

I bought Amadeus Pro 2 recently, because I’m a long-time user (2005) and regularly use this app for mainly two things:

Version 2 just came out recently and added a couple of interesting features:

Edit Preview is the reason why I decided to use Amadeus as my main tool to record and edit my voice. Whenever I make mistakes or say stupid things like “errr” or “oh” I select, press E and get a precise impression how the edit’s going to turn out. I’m not talking about the previewing part, it’s the edit itself that is so precise. Compared to any other editor (I mean that literally.1) none I have, are able to do this.
In Logic or Soundtrack you have audio in a “clip”. You cut where you need to make an edit and get two clips. Now you need to tinker around with positions, edit lengths, overlap, etc. In Amadeus you create a selection, press E and hear the result.

Plus: The developer is from the UK. What do you want more?

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  1. Logic is not able to preview edits this precise, Soundtrack Pro can’t, Live can’t, GarageBand haha, and every other editor that could be used to edit audio including Final Cut.