08/11/11 21:30:05

Keep Folders Synchronized With DropSync

As mentioned earlier in a previous post I’m trying to make Mac OS X Screencasts better by re-encoding all old screencasts so they are playing on an iPad. This is such a lot of work that I’m thankful for everything that helps me to achieve this goal quicker.
Re-encoding is one thing, but getting everything onto the server and have it in the correct spot is another. The server-lag drives you crazy after the first 100 files. I’ve also decided to go with another directory structure, which makes it even harder to get everything right.

DropSync solves this problem by mirroring the server structure to a (local) external disc. It’s called sync, but really, underneath its surface, rsync does all the work. The app is basically a GUI for rsync. A really good one.
There are others available for the Mac, but DropSync does much more than its competitors. Like:

Of course you can also you can also sync two external local hard drives with DropSync.

Not the easiest usable tool for end users, but still easy enough to get folders synced. Intermediate and power user are the ones who are really going to have a lot of fun with it.
The developer also told me that version 3 is going to be the version with a much better interface.