05/23/14 19:00:39

Procrastination Technique: How to Be a Fighter, Not a Quitter


In many of my older posts you have seen me talk about how I tackle my procrastination problems. My techniques that help me to overcome myself so that I can work on “the big things”, have become very sophisticated. One of the techniques I’ve come up with is a little bit unusual, considering I am into meditation, Zen, and kindness.

Essentially, if you think about a tough person, working on a task. How do you imagine that person doing their work? A tough person wouldn’t moan about a hard task. They would just do the job they are supposed to be doing, no matter how hard it is, and they pull through and stand as a winner at the end. Right?


Sounds great, right? So how do we get into that mindset?

Let’s talk about something else before: computer games. Computer games are awesome!

You can play a game on an easy level, you can play puzzlers, or you can play Super Meat Boy. Everyone who played Super Meat Boy knows how hard this game is. It was still a big hit though. It got lots of people glued on their chairs to beat that stupid game. It’s not just Super Meat Boy, other games as well. Flappy Bird? “Hell, am I really that bad at this game? That can’t be true. I have got to beat this game, no matter what!” That is the right mindset.

Life is the biggest challenge you have, and it is here for you to be beaten! You are the one who can determine where your life goes. So do something! You can’t let yourself stand in your own way so that you don’t reach your dreams. So you want to reach your dreams and now you’ve got that stupid thought in your head and it’s the only limiting factor whether you take steps towards your goal or not? Are you kidding me?

Isn’t that annoying? Want more?

How much of a grownup are you? So you are sitting there whining about the world that everything is so bad and you got that thing in your head and you know it’s not real! But still, you let it control whether you get rolling. Does the little kid want baby-soother? Do you want your mom to help you? Maybe somebody else? Maybe you need to work on your anxiety techniques some more. I think you don’t have those down just yet. Maybe you should read a little on the Internet. Maybe you should improve your personal communication skills. Maybe you should procrastinate actively? Because, you know, sometimes that’s just the right thing to do.

Or maybe you just show up and give this world what it wants from you!

You can sit and be paralyzed, or you can do great things. After all, that’s what everybody expects from you. Nobody hires someone they think is not equipped for the job. Everybody expects you to do the best you can do!

There are hundreds of idiots out there right now, that have the same business idea that you have. You have two options: you can be the idiot that is so stupid to let fear decide what he or she cannot do, or you can be that idiot that is stupid enough to think that this could actually work. And then what? At the end of the tunnel you are what you always wanted to be. That’s horrible, isn’t it? What a cruel world where you have reached your goal, where everybody thinks you are great and you are rich and whatever you fantasize about.

So next time. Ask yourself, do you want to act like a child or as a grownup? See life for the challenge it is! Realize that sometimes life is just really really really really fucking hard! The fear that you feel is there to comfort yourself. This fear let’s you feel that where you’re going is not safe. This fear can become so daunting to paralyze yourself. Do you want to act out that child or do you want to be the strongest version you can be?

What are you waiting for?