05/16/14 19:00:17

A Habit Recorder Using Drafts and Due

Lately I’ve been wanting to replace the habit recorder that I am using on my phone with something else. I wrote about Logsit recently. Really a great app, just not for me as I found out. I’m using Goal Streaks because it’s the most flexible one I found. Runner-uppers are Good Habits, Balanced, Way of Life (new version is coming which looks promising).

However, this is all way too unfancy and dependent on closed source apps and it’s just more fun to create something by myself. This started again with a look at Tally by Agile Tortoise. I’m trying to come up with ideas for this app, but I just can’t. In this particular case Tally lacks the ability to record the date and/or time when a tally was increased or decreased. What a bummer.

I intend to use Due for this. Due can have really flexible reminders. They are almost as flexible as the habits you can setup in Goal Streaks. Goal Streaks can have stuff like “5 times a week” or “every other day but exceptions on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday”. Due can’t do that.

This is the Dropbox action for Drafts:

"[[date|%d. %m. %Y %H:%M]]","[[draft]]"

It is set to append to a .csv file on Dropbox. The action is named “Record Habit”.

The beauty is that we can use Drafts URL scheme to create a new text. Every habit has its own text. Makes sense, right?

Brush teeth at night drafts://x-callback-url/create?text=Brush%20teeth%20at%20night&action=Record%20Habit&afterSuccess=Delete