07/24/10 15:10:50

iPhone: Installed apps statistics

A few days ago I was curious if people have more apps installed on their iPhone, now they are able to put everything into folders. So I started a poll on Twitter to get app installation statistics. Turns out, not (very) surprisingly, people indeed have more iPhone apps installed on iOS 4 than on iOS 3.


iPhone Apps.png

According to these two polls, people have about 10 more apps installed than on their previous iPhone OS.

Minimum and maximum numbers are also looking interesting. On iOS 3 the minimum was 2, whereas it’s 20 now on iOS 4.
The person, presumably the same one in either poll, had 223 apps installed on iOS 4 and “only” 210 on iOS 3.

Does that mean people use their phone more often? I don’t think so. It just means we have more clutter on our beloved phones, if you ask me.

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