05/02/14 23:35:00

What Was I Doing? (Keyboard Maestro Macro)

What Was I Doing?

I just skimmed my read later archive and saw this post by TJ Luoma over on TUAW.

Basically TJ has created a way for him to track what he was doing through an entire day with Keyboard Maestro. He takes a screenshot every 30 seconds and saves them somewhere. At the end of a day, he can then go ahead and look at what he was doing.

I liked the idea, but his macro was way too basic for my taste (as you can imagine). So I came with something more fancy and snazzy. I took his original idea, but my macro writes a timestamp onto the image. Not just anywhere, but on the bottom right corner.
A small modification to this macro creates dated folders, if that’s your thing.

Please read the notes and description!

Screenshot of Macro


You can either directly download this macro:


Or check out my Keyboard Maestro Macros repo on GitHub: