08/01/11 23:03:19

How to solve a General Error in Final Cut Pro 7 - or not

As some of my Twitter followers might know. I had a “General Error” constantly showing up in Final Cut last week. The program just stopped playing and was showing this message. Next to it was a neat looking OK button, but nothing else. Just a stupid OK button. All logs didn’t give any hint on what might cause this problem, the logs weren’t even constant. Sometimes there were log entries, sometimes there weren’t, sometimes they were referring to some sort of Motion.framework bug, but most of the time they weren’t. Really weird.
A “General Error” usually occurs when there is a problem with corrupted media files. A friend told me: visibly corrupted. My media was fine though. Heck there wasn’t even much of a change at that location in the timeline. General Error.
4 days, including my weekend, wasted, trying to find a solution. Here’s what I did, before I decided to re-record that damned 30-minute screencast, grudgingly. Remember I’m getting this error on a clip that hasn’t been altered.

I re-recorded and edited the clip in question now, but started getting General Error after importing title sequences and lower thirds. I decided, now that it’s too late already, to do what I wanted to do for so long: Redesign all animations in Motion. Mac OS X Screencasts never looked that good.
I hope to have this screencast ready soon.

To everyone else who’s trying to solve General Error: Good luck!
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