04/18/14 19:00:22

iTunes Match: Make Artwort Appear on All Your Devices

I’ve been suffering from this issue ever since I got iTunes Match. Songs that I didn’t buy from iTunes directly, sometimes don’t have their artwork showing up on some of my devices. This seemed to be unrelated to the operating system (OS X/iOS). After some research I found some steps to resolve the problem. Please stay calm and seated while reading these instructions.

I read somewhere that the first track of an album should have at the artwork. Sometimes the problem seems to be that an artwork didn’t get applied to the entire album. What you can do to resolve the problem:

In most cases this has solved the issue. Sometimes I needed to take further steps to get the artwork to show up. I either had to supply an album name or some other info. Even in some cases I had luck to download the album artwork when all the album information had been entered correctly, then using “Get Album Artwork from iTunes”.

Maybe a small side note: My Mac showed the artwork after a short while usually about 1-5 minutes. My iPhone didn’t show the artwork, but after a reboot the artwork showed up eventually.

Hope this helps to make your artwork woes disappear!