03/06/14 19:00:00

Geeking Meditation Timers 2nd Edition (Drafts, Due, Day One)

After my endeavors with Launch Center Pro I also wanted to have meditation timers in Drafts, because I thought it’s better equipped for the job (and also just out of pure “why the heck not”).

This is a Drafts action that uses Due to set the end of a meditation session. At the end Day One will be opened to create a new diary entry, as meditation log. Here’s the action:


The URL action basically looks like this:


Essentially a new timer is added to Due with a URL that creates a new diary entry in Day One with the following content:

### Meditation Log ###

[[title]] minutes


The URL also uses the &minslater option for Due to set the alarm.

There are actually two new lines at the end, which you wouldn’t see in this post, so I wrote %| to indicate where the cursor will be after the URL is launched.

What I really like about this method is that I can set meditation timer to any time I want and the time is still going to be recorded in Day One.