07/20/11 17:51:00

Spaces in Lion

Here are some practical tips on Spaces in Lion, which wasn’t abandoned from the OS. Some people seem to miss how Spaces work in Lion. The OS X page for Mission Control says:

Mission Control brings together Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces[…]

So how do you configure Spaces in Lion?

Simply go to your Mission Control and at the top you’ll see your Spaces. Create new “blank” ones with the plus symbol on the right or drag apps to the top to create new Spaces instantly.

Switching Spaces with shortcuts in Lion

Our previous tip on how to switch Spaces with a shortcut:

Lion reinvented Spaces. It is now not intuitively possible anymore to predefine which apps should run in which Space, but it’s also not possible anymore to switch directly to a specific Space. The shortcut used to be ⌃1 for the first Space for example.

You have to go to System Preferences and open KeyboardKeyboard Shortcuts. Under Mission Control you should see entries for created Spaces. Just enable them and they are going to be available.

How do I assign an app to a specific Space?

Apple has removed this setting from System Preferences and moved it to the Dock.
(First you need to make sure you actually have more than one Space created.) Right click an app and choose OptionsAssign to.