02/24/14 19:00:23

Geeking Meditation Timers (Launch Center Pro, Due, Day One)

I’ve been asking on Twitter what other people use as their meditation timer to go, as I’m quite unsatisfied with the app I’m using, InsightTimer. Don’t get me wrong, InsightTimer is great, it has all the options, but the app is just so butt ugly.

So, a journey started. I actually really like to have a little ding after 15 minutes, so that I know that I can go into a different position. That’s just something I do as a practice. But I can live without it, I guess. What I don’t want to live without is the ability to add a little journal entry after the practice.

Being the geek I am, I wanted something more “elaborate”, let’s just call it that. I turned to Due, because it is able to execute a URL after a reminder has been completed. That’s pretty cool, right?

The URL I came up with is pretty simple.

Meditate in 30 minutes dayone://post?entry=%23%23%23%20Meditation%20Log%20%23%23%23%0A%0A30%20minutes%0A%0A

URL decoded this translates to:

Meditate in 30 minutes dayone://post?entry=### Meditation Log ###

30 minutes

Basically it creates a pre-filled entry for me with a Markdown header and a little indication as to how long I’ve been sitting there.

You can install this action in your own Launch Center. Enjoy.