02/21/14 19:00:18

BreakTime: Break Reminder

I have a need for a break time reminder that blocks total access to my keyboard and really rougly interrupts my work. I’ve been using Pauses for about 2 years, but lately have realized that after its first break activates the second graphics card on my MacBook Pro, but doesn’t deactivate it afterwards. Not a deal breaker, the app still does what it’s supposed to do, but I wanted something that deactivates correctly1, or doesn’t need the discrete graphics.

In my previous purchases was this app named BreakTime, which does the same thing and doesn’t use the discrete card. However it also doesn’t show a motivational quote. If you follow me on Twitter you may know that I love to read quotes, like Zen Moments. Pauses gets the Brainy Quote of the Day and displays it in the fullscreen view. BreakTime does not display a quote, but the app overall has a better design. What’s really cool is that it also has keyboard shortcuts to defer a break, which comes in really handy.

I’ve also spotted Healthier, which looks even better, but I’m not quite willing to spend the money on it just yet.

  1. I’ve emailed the developer because I think there’s just something not getting deallocated and he/she might not know about it.