02/10/14 19:00:18

Fear- foe or friend?: Kyle Kesterson at TEDxSeattle

From the video:

I went to a really deep depression. I locked myself in my room for months. It was at the thick of this depression, I came across an artist. His work is super dark; it’s twisted. Yet it managed to capture my angst and it moved me to pick up a pen and start scribbling. And through copying much of his work and others I began to teach myself how to draw, how to paint, then sculpt, craft, and build. And it was through art and creative expression that I started to release all unwanted of what had been pent up inside of me. As I gave my fears faces it felt as if I had the power to control them.

Being able to create something from nothing. And then share it with the rest of the world. This made me feel valuable.

We all have fears that we fight to conquer. We work to subdue. I still haven’t conquered that fear. Sometimes I still just don’t feel good enough. But I pick up a pen and I start doodling.

Having fear is OK, and part of being a human, but greatness comes from people who fight their fears consciously and continuously. When you feel that something is pushing you back, and no matter what you keep pursuing what you are doing.