07/07/11 11:45:06

The Screencast Screencast

Just a quick note here. For a few weeks now I’ve been working on a project that I call "The Screencast Screencast".
I have two screencasts planned that are off the usual screencasts. The inspiration came from a friend who asked me whether I could do a screencast on how to make screencast. I had that idea a while ago, but I didn’t want to share (all) this knowledge publicly1.
This project currently includes two videos, one of which I’ve already recorded:

The latter is about 8 hours long, I try to play it at 10 times its original speed and add some (hopefully funny) comments. It’s hilarious to watch myself editing by the way. (Apparently I’m not able to use Vim anymore. D’oh!)

  1. My business includes coaching developers to get up to speed with screencasting. It wouldn’t to tell everyone all the secrets, but I decided to share some of them