01/13/14 19:30:35

Homescreens 2013-01-12

I haven’t posted my home screens since iOS 7 is out. The radical new design has brought some changes to my home screens. I also notices that I had quite a lot of apps installed, so I used my Find and Delete Unused Apps From Your iPhone to sift through all of them and find the keepers. Part of the reason why I removed some apps was also that many developers charge for updates and remove once-bought apps from the store. As much as I would like everyone to earn their money, some of the apps were just not worth it. That’s why I would like to dub iOS 7 “out with the new, in with the old”.

My iPhone Homescreen

My iPhone homescreen changed immensely compared to last time. I discovered that I had 160 apps installed. About 30 in my “Test” folder, where I keep apps that I want to take a second look at. Basically I decided that I don’t want to have so many apps on my phone and used my unused apps approach to fish out all apps that I want to keep. The basic rule was: Delete. If I really want it back, I will reinstall it again.

My iPad Homescreen

My iPad homescreen didn’t change as much, but there are a couple of noticeable changes.