07/02/11 14:18:00

This app, Final Cut Pro X, is about the future of editing.

A friend, Bastian (@schlingel), noted on Twitter1:

If you are still whining about FCPX dropping support for playout to stone plates or so, watch this SuperMeet recording http://bit.ly/lzQQH6

I don’t like the wording, though it yields some interesting information.

Larry Jordon speaks at London, SuperMeet, June 23, 2011 (2 recordings)

This app, Final Cut Pro X, is about the future of editing. So that means that if you’re missing something like multi-cam, it is not unreasonable to believe that we would add that along the way. If you’re missing something older like EDL or tape output. We probably aren’t going to focus on that. But there’s definitely an opportunity for third parties to bring that kind of functionality to the table.

That’s exactly how I think about Final Cut Pro X. Apple has abandoned so many old technologies that the movie industry now requires to use new technology. Although that is a terrible decision for older broadcasting stations like those government driven broadcasting stations I mentioned earlier, it is a good technological decision. Final Cut Pro will make it possible for Apple to move things forward.
It’s painful to rely on third parties, but it is an option. An option we can live with. Also remember my second argument in my previous post: Just sit tight and wait! If you’re setup currently works, and there’s no technological reason you need to upgrade, just wait. Apple is listening to us and they currently fix what is borked.
Like I said in the previous post:

Software changes. Remember? This is a 1.0 of a new era of Final Cut. Apple invests a lot of thought and effort making the best experience for their customers.

Now let’s wait. Please.

  1. Thanks, @ptujec, for bringing this to my attention. I don’t have my Twitter client running most of the day.