06/28/11 22:01:07

Another sad case of holding it wrong.

We just connected this new device to the network and now nothing is working.
So then disconnect it again.
But we want to use it.
Well, if you want to use your network, you need to disconnect the offending device.
So you have disconnected the device, so I can login remotely to diagnose what is happening?
(Trying to SSH into the server) The server isn't responding. Did you really disconnect that device?
Then why did you say yes you did when I asked you the moment before?
Shall I disconnect it?
Yes, please disconnect it now.
(SSHs into the server) Ah, now it's working.
No it's not working. The network is down again.
(the network stalls) Did you just reconnect the device?
Yes, you said it was working now, but it's not.
I meant that my connection was working. Please disconnect the device again, so I can prepare some tests to see why your device affects your network.
Can't you just do that now? You don't need the network to setup something on the server!
How do you expect me to remotely connect to the server from <number> kilometers away without a network?
Well, use the internet!