06/19/11 21:30:06

Kieffer Bros. Games

Dear Kieffer Bros,

We bought all of your games. Including the new release Monster Soup. We curse you for making such addictive games. I got a receipt dating back to 2009 when Orba was free for a short while. I sneaked it, but never actually played it. Then 2010, when I got my first iPhone, I looked over my old purchases and found Orba. Hooked. Totally hooked. I told Paula about the game and she still has it installed on her iPhone. (over 1 year after installation!)
But the game that really got us hooked was Aqueduct. I bought that game last year and it’s sooo great. We loved it. In fact it’s the only game that she played through, but I didn’t. She’s not a gamer, nor am I, but this game though, she played through.

Anyway, Enso•Dot, Enso•Dot Zen, Hyper Puck, and Abca were the next to follow.

Then, this month, you released Monster Soup and got us hooked once more. We love your games, designs and ideas. We curse you for making great games.

Monster Soup Addicts Anonymous

Kieffer Bros Games

Monster Soup





Enso•Dot Zen

Hyper Puck