11/05/13 19:30:29

Lookup Term in Terminology From Your Mac Using Keyboard Maestro

I like my dictionary. My dictionary helps me to find eloquent words to test Keyboard Maestro macros with, like “ho chi minh”.

Now obviously using the term.ly bookmarklet would be way to easy, plus we would lose the benefit of using a highly sophisticated iOS app that supports a great URL scheme.

The macro that I came up with was partially inspired by Phillip Grueneich’s “Exporting Actions to Drafts…from your Mac”. It uses Pushover to push a message that contains a x-callback link to Terminology.

You need to create an app on Pushover for this. Don’t forget to assign user and API key in the Shell script action, then you’re good to go.
I left the other URL parameters in the script so that you can see what other options you have on Pushover.

Download: https://app.box.com/s/njaep37ehvc196elu9ze