06/14/11 21:31:06

Learning to play 3D games using Minecraft Teacher's tutorial map

My girlfriend and I played Minecraft yesterday.1 We played a tutorial map created by the Minecraft Teacher. I was quite impressed by how well this map is laid out and by how much (and fast) Paula learned about Minecraft and 3D games in general. She never played any 3D games before. Frankly she doesn’t play many games at all, but after her first two attempts playing a 3D game (Minecraft), she didn’t get very far. She said it was “exhausting moving the eyes around”.
Using this tutorial world however made her actually understand what’s going on. How to move and all these kinds of things. Impressive, really.

Don’t forget to check this world out here.

  1. I pinky-promise to decrease the amount of Minecraft stuff I post here.