09/05/13 19:00:15

Let's Automate the Web with Keyboard Maestro!

I saw the new Moves update last week and decided to give it another go. With the new API there are already a couple of apps that integrate with it. The one that looked intriguing to me was Moves Export. Moves Export pulls Moves data, and posts activities such as cycling, running, and walking to RunKeeper automatically. Since I get to work by bike, I normally don’t have RunKeeper on, but if there’s a thing that can post this activity without my interaction? That sounds kind of cool! When I checked out RunKeeper I saw that it integrates with MyFitnessPal, which I mentioned here. So I decided to give MyFitnessPal also another shot. That’s how my rabbit holes usually go…

Three days after checking out Moves Export I had the itch to put all my weight progress on MyFitnessPal. As every good nerd, I keep a CSV in Dropbox which I append to using Drafts.

Entering months1 of data into MyFitnessPal is inconvenient. At least that’s what you might think right now.

Let’s automate all the things with Keyboard Maestro!

The macro that I quickly cobbled together basically asks for the form values, and uses variables to set Safari fields. Safari Control is a new feature in Keyboard Maestro 6 and doubly worth checking out!

The remaining actions are basically just using the Set Safari Field to Variable action to set the variable values. I found that the little Try2 button comes in handy figuring out how Safari forms work with Keyboard Maestro. Also the Inspect Element function from Safari.

  1. Requires a MyFitnessPal profile to view. 

  2. Make sure to disable Submit Safari Form when creating your own form macro.