08/26/13 18:00:56

Read my Book: 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos

I’m very pleased to announce the release of a little book I wrote. You know that I am producing app and product videos for a living. This book summarizes the best advice I can give on how underdogs can create a great demo video of their product. Its title is:

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos

The book has 3 main chapters:

Think about 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos this way: if you have known me for a while and know some advice I gave about screencasting in 2010, then this is what I think screencasting is in 2013.

We have gone far since the early days of screencasting, and we have to go even further to deliver a great learning and watching experience for our viewers.

The book has been designed for iBooks. It uses all of the goodness iBooks ships with, like interactive images, and multi-page pictures. iBooks delivers a stunning reading experience. There is a PDF version available as well.

I give many many practical examples in this book. Basically all1 the things I’ve learned from producing app videos. The best yet? You can look over the shoulders of zCasting 3000 and see how we do it! It features the original storyboards and scripts from my MindNode videos!

Still better yet? The book is free! Both free as in free beer and free as in DRM-free2.

Download: 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos

If you can do me a favor, please give it a thumbs up on the Store. Restore my faith in humanity and let me know that there can be great free content that is better than sex books and old books that have been morphed into iBooks format.

  1. Well, maybe not all all, but still a lot of the most common beginner problems. 

  2. Why is it free, you ask? It’s really simply. People who are reading this book are not our clients. Our clients are those who want to pay a professional to create a much better video than they could create. Sharing this knowledge has no negative effects on our business, except that I teach video newcomers how to make better videos. But ultimately, I mean, I have to constantly innovate in this company anyway, so why bother?