05/28/11 21:30:06

LaunchBar & Alfred QuickCal integration

I’m just checking out the new features added in 2.5.1 and 2.5 in QuickCal. Really good stuff.

QuickCal adds it’s own URl scheme and can be easily called with these URls even without launching itself. This “integration” as they call it looks very powerful to me.
Alfred has the easiest (auto-config) integration, but LaunchBar and QuickSilver (for all the grandpa’s out there) are also pretty easy to setup.

A typical URL looks like this:




I hope I got that right.

"k=ABCD" This where your integration key from the advanced settings in QuickCal goes. (This is a security feature) - required
“q=*” This is the part where your entered text goes. When you create an event or todo the asterisk gets replaced with what you enter in Launchbar - required
“c=work” This specifies the calendar to use. If not specified, defaults inside QuickCal for event/todos will be used. (This doesn’t need to be the full name, just a large enough part to be unique)
“o=0” If you set this to ‘1’, any events created will be immediately opened in their respective calendar.
“t=t” Set this to ‘t’ to create a todo. Default is event creation.

So if you would like to add a new task to iCal you could type in Safari (don’t try it, won’t work):

quickcal://quickadd?k=ABCD&q="Dinner with Jim tomorrow 6pm"&c="Freet"

So creating a new Custom Search in Alfred where q={query} would allow you to add new events, whereas a new search in LaunchBar with q=* would do the same thing. Great stuff indeed.