08/24/13 20:00:00

More Articles on Health?

I’m contemplating whether I should post more fitness, sport, and health articles. I have mentioned before that I’m very much into working out and good posture.

This is my personal blog and so far I tried to keep topics like health and sport out of here as much as possible. Instead I focus on geeky/nerdy OS X and iOS topics, productivity stuff, things that I think need to be supported, and things that I find funny or otherwise interesting. I understand that the majority of my readers may not be much into living healthy.

But there’s this part of me that I might want to express. So I would ask for your input on this! Please tell me in the comments below, via Twitter or just answer this post.

It’s not that I plan for the majority of postings to be about health, I want this to remain geeky1. Maybe one, maybe two postings a month are going to be different.

If you are hoping for posts about technology aimed work out and sport, I’m not your guy.

I plan a post about keeping a good posture, one on my “fancy” work out equipment. Maybe I’ll write about how to find health food, too?

  1. Hell yes!