05/27/11 13:17:24

Add tasks to OmniFocus from almost every application

OmniFocus has a Quick Entry panel, that’s true, but the problem is, that OmniFocus needs to be running all the time. Using a command line interface we would be able to add new tasks while keeping OmniFocus most of the time hidden or closed. But this is also good in for all LaunchBar, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, etc. users. With a CLI all these nice little helper apps could interface with OmniFocus.
This was an idea Don had a while ago.

Here are his setup instructions (for Alfred):

Start by downloading the latest version of OmniFocusCLI from this link to its GitHub Repo: OmniFocusCLI

Inside this zip folder is the OmniFocusCLI.sh script. Extract it to a location of your choice.

Create a new Terminal / Shell shortcut in Alfred.

Mine looks like this:

Title: Add Task to OmniFocus
Description: …
Keyword: task
Command: /Users/USERNAME/LOCATION_OF_SCRIPT/OmnifocusCLI.sh {query}

OmniFocusCLI uses a “natural language” for new tasks, which practically means “English only”. I sincerely hope the developers of QuickCal respond to my email where I requested new apps entitled “QuickFocus” and “QuickThings”. Wouldn’t that be awesome?