08/19/13 18:56:04

My First Two Editorial Workflows: Transpose and Change Case

Editorial has been all the rave when it was released. Gabe and Federico have done excellent work to document this new editor. I am very pleased that it’s taking so many ideas from Keyboard Maestro and making a great writing environment. It also feels a bit like Editorial took some inspiration from my work on Keyboard Maestro, in which case I’m flattered, very flattered[1].

Anyway a lot of stuff is still missing and some things are not working as I expect them, but Editorial tickles my nerdy cells, and that’s just my cup of tea.

After starting it, I was immediately missing two things that I’m used to using on my Mac: Transpose. ⌃t “transposes” the two characters the caret is standing between, i.e. the two are flipped. I use this a lot on my Mac, but it’s absent on iOS…until now.

The other workflow is also not that spectacular yet. I created one to change case, which doesn’t use Python actions, just plain Editorial actions.

I haven’t found any good link workflows yet. All I found so far depend on having the page open in Editorial’s browser to insert URL and title, which is lame. I would much rather use a URL from the clipboard and, if the device is online, grab the title from the page itself. I rarely have the pages open I’m referencing and I’m also very rarely online when I write on my iPad.[2]

  1. Also a little proud.  ↩

  2. I’m using a Wifi iPad. This iPad is with me in the gym, so that I can read books and look up my exercising plan. Sometimes I write articles in the gym. When I’m out and about I prefer to be offline.  ↩