08/10/13 15:00:36

#mindnodetips: MindNode Is a Great Presentation Tool

As readers of this blog know, I’m creating app and product presentation videos. So I have a lot of experience with presenting something and I also give a lot of presentations. I just enjoy teaching people.

I have only three presentation tools. MindNode, Keynote, and Motion. If I want to give a presentation with lots of graphical content and with a certain prestige, I tend to pick Keynote. In some cases the problem that I’m trying to show can’t be shown with Keynote. Say, a certain kind of animation isn’t available, but it totally makes sense to show it that way. Then I would go into Motion and customize slides.

I tend to give less graphical presentations with MindNode though. Most Barcamp talks I give are just mind maps. I write my main points on the canvas and unfold them as I make my points.
Now, obviously this will mean that people will see my main points right at the beginning, but from my personal experience, I’d say this is not very dramatic. Although attendees see the main points, they have no idea what exactly I am going to be talking about.

Most of the time I use my Mac as presentation tool for MindNode, but with AirServer I can also just mirror the screen to a Mac.