08/09/13 15:00:34

#mindnodetips: Smart Layout vs. Standard Layout

Smart Layout is one of my most favorite features in MindNode and I’m quite glad that it’s there, however, there are times where I don’t want smart layoutting.

On the one hand, Smart Layout is more automatic. It keeps your mind map organized no matter how many new aspects and ideas you add to it. It is very good for a brainstorming session to just write down all ideas quickly.

On the other hand non-smart layout is more creative. You can literally take nodes and move them further away from others to visually indicate they don’t belong to each other or just to move ideas out of the way, like you want to say “I don’t want to think about this right now.” It can make sense to hide things completely as opposed to folding nodes.

Just in case you are wondering, MindNode will remember node positions on non-smart layoutted nodes when they are folded. When these nodes are unfolded they have the same layout.