08/05/13 17:39:38

Announcement: Supporting MindNode

You read that I’m a really really early user of MindNode. I’ve been beta testing the various versions of this software for years now. I was also responsible for the MindNode screencasts/videos. Heck, I’m even devoting a series here into some #mindnodetips.

Today marks a special day. I will be working as IdeasOnCanvas support staff for the next couple of months. What this means is two-fold:

There’s a lot that has bee planned for my two main projects. MOSX will get a new website along with a complete reboot. zCasting will continue to help creators of products showcase them.

  1. Like support for TextExpander touch. (I know that this is a priority, just not a very high one. Right now it’s more important to polish up the app for iOS 7 and Mavericks.)