05/22/11 21:31:06

Three 1Password tricks

In case you didn’t know. 1Password has three nifty shortcuts that I use a lot.

Go & Fill login

First of all there’s Go & Fill. Default shortcut is ⌘⌥\ (a shortcut Alfred blocks with its “Grab Finder selection” command, which is not very helpful when Finder is not in the foreground. *nudge* *nudge*)

Fill and Edit

When the 1Password menu is active. Hold down ⇧ or ⌥ to change the “Fill yourdomain” to “Edit yourdomain” or “Fill yourdomain”.

Edit does what it says. It brings up a new window where you can edit that particular entry on the fly.

Fill just fills in login data without submitting the form. Sometimes very handy too.

PS: I can’t believe AgileBits doesn’t pay attention to that one overhanging pixel when a shortcut is pressed. This is outrageous! 1 star!!!11