08/04/13 15:00:40

#mindnodetips: Comments for Nodes

MindNode has no comment feature for nodes. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. On the upside there’s one less feature to worry about, on the downside there’s just no comment feature. It is easy to work around this missing function though.

MindNode has no limit on the text that can be entered into a node. I use MindNode to plan screencasts. Sometimes I even script in MindNode. In those cases I create a “title node”, a node that is the topic that I want to talk about. Sub nodes will the contain my comment.

Notice the plural here. While comments in mind mapping apps are generally limited to one comment per node, MindNode doesn’t have this limitation1. Simply create as many “comment nodes” as necessary.

  1. Yes, I know, MindNode doesn’t have comments.