08/03/13 15:00:33

#mindnodetips: What the Inherit Style Feature Does

MindNode’s default behavior for connecting new nodes together is that Sub Nodes take on the style of their parents.

If you have a blue node and drag it to a red one, the blue node will become a red sub node.

There is a preference setting which disables this entirely. Disabling “Inherit style when reconnecting” makes for very colorful mind maps, which is sometimes helpful, though not always.

I would recommend you leave this on, so styles are always inherited from Parent Nodes, because in case you really really not want to take on a parent’s style, simply hold the ⌥ key down when reconnecting. This temporarily disables this feature and sub nodes will not take on the parent style.

Note that the paste command doesn’t inherit style, while the Paste and Match Style command does.